selection:arts - Intelligent systems

The software solutions of SelectionArts are tools for the intelligent selection of products or services and for the conveyance of knowledge. With these solutions choice and decision processes on different distribution channels of your company, such as on the web, in a branch, in field service or call center can be supported. In parallel, tools for knowledge acquisition and conveyance enhance the distribution of knowledge about your products and services significantly. With the help of SelectionArts products errorneous and suboptimal decisions are a thing of the past and your co-workers benefit from an enhanced know-how on product and service which can efficiently be applied in customer contacts.


SEKE 2017 SEKE 2017 Best Paper:
Knowledge-based Learning Content Generation in the StudyBattles Environment

Configuration Workshop 2016 (ConfWS'16) Runner-up best paper:
Towards Group-based Configuration

UMAP 2015 Best Papers Award for Choicla:
Counteracting Anchoring Effects in Group Decision Making

Nominated for Houskapreis 2014

selection:arts technologies in the new book: Knowledge-based Configuration