StudyBattles - Learning Environment

Efficient distribution of knowledge in companies and organizations

Efficient learning processes in companies and associations are increasingly important. The crowd-sourcing based learning platform Studybattles was developed in cooperation with Graz University of Technology to ease the distribution of knowledge and, in this way make, it more efficient for the enterprise. In contrast to other learning platforms studybattles is not class-room oriented. Studybattles motivates users on the basis of gamification principles during the learning process and supports the frequent evaluation of learning progress. 

Available mobile / based on crowd-sourcing

StudyBattles provides a hierarchical structure for learning content with communities an top, categories within the communities and learning applications where the questions and Information units can be found. Further StudyBattles provides different user groups: administrators, moderators, managers and users. By exploiting the structuring opportunities, StudyBattles can be adapted to the structures of large as well as small companies. Especially if a company has many employees in the field or operates from many distributed places knowledge can be distributed fast and consistent. With the various platforms from web applications to native mobile applications (iOS and Android) StudyBattles is accessible anytime from every device.

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